Hello world!

The blog returns. This blog made its first appearance in the early 2000s and has had several iterations over the years. At one point, it was my travel photography blog, which morphed into a street photography blog. This time around, I’m not worried about pageviews and the like. For now, it’s just going to be a place where I can post a few images on a regular basis, without worrying whether anyone other than my wife ever sees it.

Most of my photography these days revolves around my daughter. This is a shot from my basement studio. It had been set up for a headshot session earlier in the day but I was  able to get a few of my daughter, afterwards. She’s still at the age where it’s a matter of taking advantage of the moment — as opposed to a full-blown photo session, which would require her to sit still for more than a minute. In this case, I was able to get about half-dozen clicks before she moved on.



I'm Joe Newman, multi-media story teller, non-profit do-gooder, international street photographer, serious poker player, intrepid traveler. Bourbon drinker.