I’m a documentary photographer, writer, media strategist and online campaigner based in Washington, D.C. My passion is telling stories through creative photography projects. Having spent years working in the public interest as a journalist and at NGOs, I’ve always sought to make a positive difference in the world. Documenting and interpreting the world around me with my camera is what drives me. While I’m drawn to all types of photography — from portraiture to cosplay — there’s something romantic about street photography and the magical way it connects us to different eras, places and cultures. At their core, the photographs reveal something universal about the emotions in the human face or the way people go about their daily lives, whether it’s in Manhattan, Paris or Tokyo. I write about photography on the Huffington Post  and also run DC Focused, a blog that chronicles life in Washington, D.C. through the eyes of its photographers. You can also visit my portfolio site, Joe Newman Photography.