Hello, Tokyo

We arrived in Tokyo on Saturday and found the 70 degree temps that greeted us much more pleasant than the steamy furnace that we stepped into when we were here in July.

My wife’s conference started today, which meant I was left on my own to explore the city. I didn’t really have a plan. I ended up wandering around the Shinjuku area and am not feeling great about the shots I got today.

I was looking for some good “stages” that I could stake out but didn’t really see anything that grabbed me. The best picture I saw was the one I missed. There was a man hanging out of a window smoking a cigarette in great light. But when he saw me with my camera, he ducked inside.

Tonight, I’ll spend some time looking at Shoot Tokyo to see if I can find some inspiration for tomorrow’s outing. I’ve been a follower of Shoot Tokyo for awhile and my wife and I got to meet Dave Powell, the photographer behind the site for breakfast on Sunday morning. He’s a real friendly and down to earth guy with some great insights on street photography and branding. I’ll write more about him in an upcoming HuffPo piece.


Joe Newman

I'm Joe Newman, multi-media story teller, non-profit do-gooder, international street photographer, serious poker player, intrepid traveler. Bourbon drinker.

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