DC street photography honored at Exposed DC’s Fall Review

I got to meet two street photographers whom I admire last week at the opening of the Exposed DC / Instant DC Fall Review, featuring the work of http://www.comofazer.org/ who were selected from hundreds of entries. I was lucky to be one of those 45 photographers for my entry, which included ahomework help simplifying radicalsa couple years ago.

For me, the highlight of the exhibit was meeting several photographers whose work I was familiar with but whom I had never met in person. One of the photographers was Messay Shoakena, who blogs at free text dating australia and who also started the 186,000-member “Street Photographers” community on G+. That’s Messay at the top of the page. I like that image because Messay is reflected in his winning entry, which happens to be a photo of a woman’s reflection he took on the Staten Island Ferry.

I also got a chance to meet Chris Suspect, a member of the Strata Collective and a chronicler of the DC punk scene. I wrote about a recent Strata exhibit in an earlier post but hadn’t met Chris before last week.

Chris who often takes pictures of people with objects obscuring their heads suggested that I take picture of him as blew smoke from his electronic cigarette. The result is sort of an homage to his work.


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