Bruce Gilden takes it or leaves it

Vice┬áhas a new video series that consists of famed Magnum photographer Bruce Gilden sitting at a table critiquing the work of “up and coming” photographers. According to Vice, Gilden tells these aspirants “if their work is transcendent, total crap, or somewhere in between.”

It’s about what you would expect from Gilden, who is known for his brash, in-your-face style of street photography. Granted, you don’t have to be a Guggenheim fellow (which Gilden is) to know that some of these photos are crap but you probably wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining, either.

In Read This, Gilden took on some art photography. In this second one, he looks at street photography. Of course, his gruff demeanor is part of his persona and Gilden doesn’t disappoint in his critiques:

I like photographs where you make up a story — when you look at the image, the viewer wants to make up a story.

I’m not sure how many episodes Vice has planned but what we do know is they’ve had plenty of time to work on these videos. Vice put the call out for photographers to submit photos for Gilden to critique last year, with a deadline of Jan. 1 of this year.


Image by flickr user Chris JL. It is used here under a Creative Commons license.


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