Street photographer Bruce Gilden is in your face

Street Hunters has an article about Bruce Gilden that really does a great job of dissecting the conflicted emotions that famous Magnum photographer can arouse in street photography circles. As the article’s author, Andrew Swiegart, aptly puts it: “There doesn’t appear to be anyone on the fence. Love him or hate him, that’s it.”

If you don’t know much about Gilden, who is known for his very aggressive style of street photography, check out this short documentary, “Head on,” by the British Journal of Photography.

Gilden on street photography:

If you can smell the street, it must be street photography. And I think what I mean by that is it has to have a certain emotional content in the picture.



Bruce Gilden / Photo by Anh Đinh

Image of Bruce Gilden by Anh Đinh. It is used here under a Creative Commons license.


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