Wayne Coyne, frontman of The Flaming Lips, at the Gasparilla Music Festival / Photo by Joe Newman

The Flaming Lips light up the Gasparilla Music Festival

I had a great time at the Gasparilla Music Festival catching up with old friends and photographing several of the bands, including the Saturday night headliner, The Flaming Lips.

I shot about 1,000 frames over the two-day festival and still have a lot of work before I’m finished editing. However, I did get through about half of the shots I took of the Flaming Lips, which is to say the shots I took of frontman Wayne Coyne, who is the center of the show.

Almost all of my photos from the Flaming Lips’ performance are of Coyne. While Coyne commands attention, the other band members seem to take great pains to stay out of the spotlight, going so far as sitting down on the stage.

I’m working on a longer post about the festival and my trip to Tampa that I’ll post later this week. I wish I could write a decent review about the Flaming Lips’ show but I really didn’t have a chance to appreciate the music since I was focused on trying to get photos. I will say it seemed that Coyne spent a lot of time almost pleading with fans to get louder. A couple times, he stretched his hands out with his palms up and seemed to be motioning to the crowd to make more noise. But it was hard to gauge the crowd’s energy from my spot in the pit.

There’s no denying, however, that the Flaming Lips bring it with their stage show — lights, confetti and props, including giant inflated letters that spelled out “Fuck Yeah Tampa.”

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