El Cocinero de Sevilla

Sometimes you see a face and you know it would be an affront to the photography gods if you didn’t take a picture of it. That’s how I felt when I saw the cook working in the kitchen of the tapas bar next to our hotel in Seville, Spain.

We went to Spain in 2011 and I blogged about my love for Seville but for whatever reason, I didn’t use this photo in the post.

It’s another example of a photo I passed over the first time when I looked at it in color but really love in black and white. This guy has so much character and the contrast you can add when the photo is converted black and white makes his face stand out even more.

Image by Joe Newman.

Joe Newman

I'm Joe Newman, multi-media story teller, non-profit do-gooder, international street photographer, serious poker player, intrepid traveler. Bourbon drinker.

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