Another look at Paris — this time in black and white

Bear with me, I’m about to go on a major monochrome kick. I’ve been playing around with Topaz B&W Effects and I’m really digging it. It’s pretty amazing how a photo can take on a whole different mood in black and white.

I took these pictures during our trip to Paris in March 2012. The one above was taken in the Jardin des Tuileries, just after a quick but heavy downpour. We were on a walking tour and had just left the Louvre when it started raining.  The rain had let up and we were hanging out under a playground pavilion when I saw this mother giving her child a piggy back ride. I was able to pull my camera up in time to capture one frame before their backs were to me. This is it, uncropped.

I never posted the photo until today. I liked the picture but I was kind of bothered with the fact that the child was out of focus. However, I think it has exactly the opposite effect when the photo is converted to black and white. Now, I think the blurriness gives the photo more energy.

The photo below is another one that had sat untouched in my archives folder for the last 20 months. Our tour guide was talking about the Fontaine Saint-Michel but my attention was on this couple on a nearby bench. This is another one of those photos that when I saw it on my computer screen, it was kind of blah. I think converting the photo to black and white and cropping it a little tighter puts all of the attention on their faces.

This is going to be fun going through my archives and seeing what I might have overlooked the first time around.


Photo by Joe Newman



Joe Newman

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