The view of Manhattan from Brooklyn

Photo by Joe NewmanThe Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park  / Photo by Joe Newman

We made a quick trip to Manhattan last weekend to see Lamia’s cousins, who were visiting from France. We had a 9:30 p.m. reservation at The Grocery in Brooklyn, which was perfect for capturing a sunset shot at the Brooklyn Bridge before dinner.

I brought my tripod but didn’t start worrying about whether it was allowed until after I got to the bridge. I had heard about photographers getting hassled or even ticketed in New York City for using tripods and started getting a little nervous when I passed a couple cops and one of them gave my tripod shoulder bag a strange look.

It was hardly reassuring when I got to the boardwalk and promenade that runs along the water and saw there were plenty of people with DSLRs but no tripods.

Manhattan SkylineWatching the sunset from Brooklyn / Photo by Joe Newman

However, when I got to the spot I had scouted out on flickr and Google maps, I saw someone sitting on the concrete seating area with a tripod. By the time the sun had set, there were at least three other photographers using tripods. So, while I don’t know if tripods are officially allowed in the park, it didn’t seem to be a problem when I was there.

I shot these photos from the Pebble Beach area of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is just on the west side of the Manhattan Bridge.

Joe Newman

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  • Wilson Matos

    hey Joe…

    love your images of Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights.

    I’m going to N.Y. in Dec 2013
    what’s the best way to get to Brooklyn Heights by subway to shoot that image…
    Thanks Joe.

    • Joe Newman

      Hi Wilson,
      The closest subway stop is High Street stop on the A, C line. It’s also not a far walk from the Clark Street stop on the 2,3 line. Either way, you walk towards the intersection of Plymouth Street and Washington Street. The area where I shot these pictures is just to the west of the Manhattan Bridge.