Lars Schneider’s road trip across America

While professional landscape photographers often see their  work published in big glossy magazine spreads or displayed in art galleries, as you can see in the video, the actual work can be far from glamourous. Though as the latest installment of F-Stop’s Life in Focus series shows, it can be an adventure. The video takes a look at German landscape/adventure photographer Lars Schneider’s life on the road with his wife Katrin and their infant son.

For more, see The Phoblographer’s interview with Lars and check out the Schneider Outdoor Vision Facebook page for the family’s latest adventures. Lars tells The Phoblographer:

Besides the fact that it was amazing to experience this trip with our baby and see the world through his eyes, there was something else: Even though we are outdoor people and enjoy being somewhere in the wild with no others around for miles, it was the people we met that made this trip special. As we often stayed on campgrounds in State and National parks and noticed so many interesting vehicles with so many interesting owners – and all quite different and way more unique than the scene in Germany

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